Future Trends in Project Management

Project management has matured from a “nice to have” into a strategic competency essential to the survival and growth of any organization. Disciplines such as product, service, and process innovation are using project management more heavily, with significant changes in how projects were previously managed.

We are in a new era of PM 2.0 and PM 3.0, characterized by changes which include:  

  • Different types of metrics and how they are measured
  • More flexible reporting and communication with stakeholders
  • More focus on benefits and value vs. outcomes and deliverables
  • The need for innovation project management

The constant evolution in project management points to the critical importance of lifelong learning and education for those who practice it. Join Dr. Harold Kerzner for this illuminating course designed to “future-proof” your project management competency, career, and organization.

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Core – addresses topics across the project management industry

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