Deep Dive into Agile and Scrum

This is not your typical Agile and Scrum 101 course. This course is designed to spend 25% of the time on “What” and “Why” behind Agile and Scrum and 75% on the “How” you can actually start using it on your team tomorrow!

If you’re interested in learning real-world techniques used by dozens of teams, then this course is for you. We walk you through an end-to-end lifecycle Agile project journey from Release Planning all the way to Production Release using a sample project or YOUR own. There is a cost to learning Agile and Scrum by trial-and-error or simply reading a book, and many other courses focus almost entirely on What and Why with little coverage of actual HOW-TO techniques. Our instructor shares how small, medium, and Fortune 500 companies have applied Agile in real-world projects along with many tips, tricks, and best practices.





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