Preventing, Recovering, and Managing Troubled Projects

If it seems that your projects are often on fire when assigned to you, this workshop may be of value. Most seasoned project managers have had their share of experiences with difficult or troubled projects and unless they are careful, they will encounter more. The focus of this workshop is to help the professional project manager more rapidly recognize the potential for trouble and correct the course early enough to avoid major problems.

While the first and most important order of business is to prevent problems, we know that if you are in trouble RIGHT NOW, the first thing you want to know is how to recover. To meet that need, the first half of this course addresses recovery. The second half of this course addresses prevention, either by managing a recovered project to completion without further problems or improving your prospects on future projects.

This workshop does not focus on “failed” projects but rather on projects headed for failure without appropriate intervention. Failed projects are those beyond help and should be terminated. Here we focus on projects that are salvageable. It is an exercise-driven, no-nonsense, professional practice-focused workshop positioning the participant to immediately apply the tools and lessons learned from the learning experience.

The approach builds on and complements the disciplines addressed in Project Management Institute’s PMBOK® Guide and introduces recovery prevention-focused adaptations of several classical Project Quality Management techniques.

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IIL’s Project Management Fundamentals or Project Management Fundamentals for IT Professionals course or the equivalent training/experience



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