Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP®)

Business Relationship Management (BRM) embodies a set of competencies (knowledge, skills, and behaviors) to foster an effective business value-producing relationship between a service provider and its business partners.

The Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP)® training and certification program provides a comprehensive foundation for Business Relationship Managers at every experience level.

BRM competencies can be leveraged through:

  • Organizational roles (e.g., in an IT organization, the CIO typically has a role of BRM for the enterprise)
  • A discipline (e.g., all business partner facing service provider roles should be skilled in Business Relationship Management)
  • An organizational capability (e.g., a service provider organization should be effective in shaping and channeling demand to the highest business value opportunities)

IIL is an APMG Accredited Training Organization (ATO) for BRMP.


There are no prerequisites for this course.



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