Organization and People Change Management

Research shows that 70% of change initiatives fail in large organizations.  The largest factor contributing to this failure rate is leadership – the inability to lead people through change.

In many change situations, tremendous focus is put on strategy, processes, and systems, while the issue of changing people’s behavior is left dangling off to the side somewhere.  In this interactive course, you will learn why the people side of change is so important.  You will discover why, in order to change people’s behavior, you must first influence their hearts, their minds, and their environment.

Beginning with what we know about change – its nature and its impact – we will look at why we should care about leading and managing change. We will explore the emotional journey individuals undergo when they are affected by change, learning key skills and techniques for dealing with the same.  Lastly, we will discover and apply various change models you can utilize to successfully lead others through change… and support them during the process.


Basic understanding of change management



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