The Phoenix Project: DevOps Business Simulation

The simulation game is based upon the book called The Phoenix Project:  A Novel about IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business. Parts Unlimited is in trouble. Newspaper reports reveal the poor financial performance of the organization. The only way forward to not only save the company but to make it competitive and profitable is “The Phoenix Project.” This strategic initiative represents an IT enabled business transformation, with Retail Operations as the business owner of the project. The VP of IT Operations becomes the technical lead and champion to ensure that The Phoenix Project will be a success.

As your teams start the game, this champion is also facing a tremendous amount of work, in the form of a huge backlog of issues, upgrades, and new projects.  You will take on the various roles in the Parts Unlimited organization and your mission will be to apply DevOps principles to save the business.

This simulation is for organizations who want to develop that culture to achieve better collaboration and as a result, faster and errorless deployment of new IT Solutions.  It can be used for:

  • Awareness programs
  • Assessment sessions
  • Teambuilding

No basic understanding required



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