CAPM<sup>&reg;</sup> Edge - Your Guide to Mastering the Certified Associate in Project Management Exam

CAPM® Edge - Your Guide to Mastering the Certified Associate in Project Management Exam


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If you are relatively new to project management, it is strongly suggested that you participate in at least one of the following IIL courses to gain a basic understanding of project management. This is primarily due to the nature and depth of content in the course, which is focused on exam preparation. 

  • PM Fundamentals (PMF) 
    • Available online or in the classroom, this course gives you a performance edge by teaching you how to initiate, plan, control, and complete your projects more effectively.
  • PM Fundamentals for IT Professionals 
    • Similar to PMF, but aligned with the classic Software Development Life Cycle approaches to support project managers who function primarily in an information technology (IT) environment.
  • Candidates for CAPM® are required to hold a minimum of a high school diploma or a global equivalent and the applicant can take one of two paths: 1,500 hours of work on a project team or 23 contact hours of formal project management education. The examination is comprised of 150 multiple-choice questions. The allotted time to complete the examination is three hours. The three-hour examination is preceded by a 15-minute computer tutorial, which is not part of the allotted three hours. 
Course Level



If you are planning to take the CAPM® examination, this interactive, on-demand course gives you the knowledge you need to pass the exam. It covers CAPM® -critical information on project management theory, principles, techniques and methods. You also have an opportunity to review the kinds of questions you’ll find in the CAPM® Exam.

Content is presented in a highly engaging and memorable video case study format, with theoretical concepts interwoven to ensure consistent learning and recall of information critical for exam success.

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Who Should Attend
  • Managers and project team members, students at the graduate or undergraduate level, and/or entry level practitioners, as well as anyone who has an expressed interest in project management as a career or wants to improve their effectiveness in a project management environment.
Performance Focus
  • This course is focused on helping you prepare to take the CAPM® credential examination. 
  • Knowledge of the PMI PMBOK® Guide is covered in depth. 
  • Exam technique and study approaches are explained
What You Will Learn

You’ll learn the

  • 10 Knowledge Areas of the PMBOK® Guide 
  • Each Knowledge Area, Inputs, Tools & Techniques, Outputs. 
  • Project management Process Groups and how they inter-relate with the 10 Knowledge Areas. 
  • 47 processes of the PMBOK® Guide 
  • Best way to prepare for the CAPM® credential exam.
Course Overview


  • Course overview 
  • Introduction to the course characters 
  • Course navigation 

Becoming a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)®

  • PMI® (CAPM)® certification process and examination criteria 
  • Exam application procedure - FAQs 
  • Experience Verification Form - Steps 

Introduction to PMBOK® Guide – Fifth Edition

  • The PMBOK® Guide 
  • Fundamental definitions and concepts 
  • Project Life Cycles 
  • Study tips and module review 

Introduction to the Project Management Processes

  • The 5 project management Process Groups and 10 Knowledge Areas 
  • Project management framework 
  • Project management standard 
  • Study tips and module review 

Project Integration Management 

  • Developing a charter 
  • Developing a project management plan 
  • Directing and managing a project 
  • Monitoring and controlling project work processes 
  • Integrating change control via its components 
  • Closing a project 
  • Study tips and module review 

Project Scope Management 

  • Developing a scope management plan 
  • Collecting requirements 
  • Defining scope and establishing a scope baseline 
  • Validating and controlling scope 
  • Study tips and module review 

Project Time Management 

  • Developing a schedule management plan 
  • Defining activities and developing a network diagram 
  • Estimating activity resources and durations 
  • Developing the schedule using the critical path method 
  • Controlling the schedule baseline 
  • Study tips and module review 

Project Cost Management 

  • Developing a cost management plan 
  • Estimating costs using various techniques 
  • Determining and base lining the budget 
  • Controlling the budget baseline using Earned Value Management 
  • Study tips and module review 

Project Quality Management 

  • Developing a quality management plan 
  • Achieving quality via cost of quality attributes and 7 basic quality tools 
  • Performing quality assurance and quality control 
  • Study tips and module review 

Project Human Resource Management 

  • Defining organizational structures and describing their characteristics 
  • Developing a human resource management plan 
  • Acquiring, developing, and managing a project team 
  • Understanding human behavior and conflict management 
  • Study tips and module review 

Project Communications Management  

  • Exploring the communication model and its elements 
  • Determining the number of stakeholder communication interactions 
  • Developing a communications management plan 
  • Managing and controlling communications 
  • Study tips and module review  

Project Risk Management  

  • Defining risk terminology 
  • Developing a risk management plan and risk register 
  • Identifying, categorizing and analyzing risks 
  • Developing risk response plans based on positive and negative strategies 
  • Controlling risks via risk-related tools and techniques 
  • Study tips and module review  

Project Procurement Management  

  • Describing the buyer-seller relationship 
  • Developing a procurement management plan 
  • Defining contract and procurement document types 
  • Conducting procurements and negotiations 
  • Closing procurements and procurement audits 
  • Study tips and module review  

Project Stakeholder Management 

  • Identifying and analyzing stakeholder needs and impacts 
  • Developing a stakeholder management plan 
  • Managing and controlling stakeholder engagements 
  • Study tips and module review  


  • What did we learn, and how can we implement this in our work environments? 

(CAPM)® Exam Review

  • Mock test 

(CAPM)® Survival Kit

  • Learning activities to help you memorize and recall the important topics of CAPM® - namely the 10 Knowledge Areas, 5 Process Groups, and 47 processes. 
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